Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Ran across this photo of Eveleen Kennard and Alfred "Al" Eberle. It may have the first photo that Eveleen sent to her mother of her love, Al. Eveleen met Al at Bozeman College in Montana. They were in the same graduating class of 1915 and were married shortly after they graduated.

Alfred's parents were Theodore Eberle and Julia Ditt. Theodore was an engineer in the copper mines in Butte, Montana. Eveleen's parents were Frank "F. B." Kennard and Sarah "Sadie" Kennedy. F. B. Kennard was a civil engineer and contractor who helped build the Northern Pacific Railroad in Montana. Later he was a rancher and stock grower. F. B. died in 1900 in Miles City, Montana. Sadie remarried Dan C. Mackay. They ranched near Kinsey, Custer, Montana. The ranch was named K Bar Ranch. After Eveleen and Al were married, Dan and Al ranched together.

We didnt know that
they were going to take
this picture just then
and I had just turned
and said something
to Al went they snapped
it. We were going to send
you a very dignified
picture but this is more
natural as we usually
are laughing.

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