Thursday, February 17, 2011

J L Wilde

J. L. Wilde 
B. W. W.
S. Framingham Mass.
Feb. 17. 76

A. C. Partridge,
535 Washington Street,
Next door to Boston Theatre.

135 years ago, J. L. Wilde signed the back of this photo and presumably gave it to Miss Alice L. Warner. She was born in 1850 in Vermont and at some point moved to the Boston area. 1876 was two years before she married Frank B. Kennard in South Framingham, Massachusetts. The above gentleman looks to be in his 20s. He is wearing a double breasted suit and tie that appear to fit well. Perhaps, he was the son of Dr. James Wilde who was born in 1852. 

The "B. W. W." may stand for Boston Water Works. A bit of city directory research may clear up a few questions about this gentleman.

Do you have a photograph of an individual who is not a relative? Have you considered posting it on your blog or or other photo site? Have you ever found an old photo of your relative online? My family does not have a confirmed photo of Frank B. Kennard or any Kennard from Maine for that matter. They may be among the volumous mystery photos.

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