Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Genea Santa Arrived - Ackermann Cemetery Plot

House cleaning can be good. Especially when you find genealogy records. Here is a transcription of a find from yesterday. Thanks Genea Santa for your wonderful gift!!

The cemetery card from Bellevue Cemetery in Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts:


Section D Lot # 73 - Deed recorded in 1892


1E - John Vogler                  1836-1892
2E - Katherine Vogler           1837-1908
3E - Arthur H. Ackermann    1899-1922
4E - Gustave Ackermann      1861-1929
5E - Johanna Ackermann       1867-1947

8W - Ferdinand N. Ackermann       1856-1943
7W - Lisette Ackermann                  1864-1925
6W - Clara M. Ackermann              1890-1892
5W - Anna Katherine Ackermann    1892-1976


Remarks: Arthur - Am. Legion, 105
                            Reg. Inf. NYNG

 [ plot map drawn]

Anna Ackermann to go next to Clara

Ferdinand and Gustave Ackermann were brothers born in Gersfeld, Germany. They ran a butcher shop in Adams, Massachusetts. They married two sisters, Lisette and Johanna Gulden in Massachusetts. The sisters were born in Hof, Germany. Lisette and Johanna's mother is Katherine (Wunchel) Gulden Vogler. John Vogler is Katherine's second husband. Arthur was Gustave and Johanna's son. Clara and Anna were Ferdinand and Lisette's daughters.

Please email at aga2428 "at" gmail dot com if you are related to these families. I need more than a little help putting names to faces from a mystery photo album.

Thank you Genea Santa and please come next year!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is from the presumed photo album of Alice L. Warner Kennard. Alice was born in Vermont, married in Massachusetts, lived in Montana and died in Michigan.

Clara Lorette Case Tomlinson

Crispell, Battle Creek, Mich.

Should anything occur to me, C. L. Tomlinson
Telegraph to Dr. Tomlinson Battle Creek
Michigan & to Emma Moth??s
171. East 14" St - East Oakland
Mrs C Lorette Tomlinson

Friday, February 18, 2011

Elma Kennard

Frank B. Kennard and Sadie Kennedy had three children:

Eveleen Montana Kennard                     b. 6 August 1892, Manchester, Delaware, Iowa
Elma Kennard                                        b. circa December 1897, Kinsey, Custer, Montana
Paul Kennedy Kennard                          b. 22 July 1900, Kinsey, Custer, Montana

There is a birth record for Eveleen from Iowa. However, Montana did not require the keeping of vital records until 1907 at the earliest. For Paul, I found a newspaper announcement in the Helena Independent on 3 Aug 1900. But, for Elma, the only birth record is the back of this photo. There may be a newspaper announcement as well but the previous information that I had was born in 1897. And 12 months of searching in even a small newspaper is quite a task.

Eveleen & Elma Kennard
Taken on the porch in
Miles City. Sept. 1898.
Eveleen aged 6 years.
Elma aged nearly 10 mos.
In the morning before Elma was dressed.

Here is the front:

Elma is not a family name for either the Kennards or Kennedys. It is my belief that Elma Kennard was named after a friend, Elma Dora Holbert nee Baker, an animal painter. 

Sadly, Elma and Paul each died before they reached the age of 2 years. They are buried next to their father in Custer County Cemetery, Miles City, Montana.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

J L Wilde

J. L. Wilde 
B. W. W.
S. Framingham Mass.
Feb. 17. 76

A. C. Partridge,
535 Washington Street,
Next door to Boston Theatre.

135 years ago, J. L. Wilde signed the back of this photo and presumably gave it to Miss Alice L. Warner. She was born in 1850 in Vermont and at some point moved to the Boston area. 1876 was two years before she married Frank B. Kennard in South Framingham, Massachusetts. The above gentleman looks to be in his 20s. He is wearing a double breasted suit and tie that appear to fit well. Perhaps, he was the son of Dr. James Wilde who was born in 1852. 

The "B. W. W." may stand for Boston Water Works. A bit of city directory research may clear up a few questions about this gentleman.

Do you have a photograph of an individual who is not a relative? Have you considered posting it on your blog or DeadFred.com or other photo site? Have you ever found an old photo of your relative online? My family does not have a confirmed photo of Frank B. Kennard or any Kennard from Maine for that matter. They may be among the volumous mystery photos.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Charles Stewart Appelman

From the Photo Alum of Sadie Kennedy Kennard Mackay

Superior Finish
West Union, Iowa

Charles Stewart Appelman
April 20" '89
Born Oct. 28" '88