Friday, February 18, 2011

Elma Kennard

Frank B. Kennard and Sadie Kennedy had three children:

Eveleen Montana Kennard                     b. 6 August 1892, Manchester, Delaware, Iowa
Elma Kennard                                        b. circa December 1897, Kinsey, Custer, Montana
Paul Kennedy Kennard                          b. 22 July 1900, Kinsey, Custer, Montana

There is a birth record for Eveleen from Iowa. However, Montana did not require the keeping of vital records until 1907 at the earliest. For Paul, I found a newspaper announcement in the Helena Independent on 3 Aug 1900. But, for Elma, the only birth record is the back of this photo. There may be a newspaper announcement as well but the previous information that I had was born in 1897. And 12 months of searching in even a small newspaper is quite a task.

Eveleen & Elma Kennard
Taken on the porch in
Miles City. Sept. 1898.
Eveleen aged 6 years.
Elma aged nearly 10 mos.
In the morning before Elma was dressed.

Here is the front:

Elma is not a family name for either the Kennards or Kennedys. It is my belief that Elma Kennard was named after a friend, Elma Dora Holbert nee Baker, an animal painter. 

Sadly, Elma and Paul each died before they reached the age of 2 years. They are buried next to their father in Custer County Cemetery, Miles City, Montana.

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