Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jennie Warner, Sister of Alice Kennard

Among my grandmother's photos was a mystery album. I looked through the album and no one looked remotely familiar. Most of the photos were on card stock and measured 2.5" x 4". Those with dates were from the late 1870s. So curiosity got the best of me and I carefully removed every photo. Roughly 70 percent of the photos were taken in Boston and less than 10 percent were marked with a name. Another 20 percent or so of the photos were taken in Burlington, Vermont.

Thinking through all of my lines, I tried to think of someone who would have relatives and friends from these areas. The someone that seemed to click the most was Alice L. Warner. She was born on 13 June 1850 in Jericho, Chittenden, Vermont to Dr. Benjamin Y. Warner and Laura Oakes. When I found the photo of Jennie Warner, I was certain that album belonged to Alice Warner.

Alice married Frank B. Kennard on 20 April 1878 Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Abigail Jennie Warner married Ogden C. Clark on 04 Jul 1881 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Very truly yours.
Jennie Warner.
South Framingham, Mass.

Successors To

Now, the fun will begin to figure out the rest of folks. 

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