Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Land Patent of John G. Brandebourg - Today's View

From the Indiana Public Lands Collection, John G. Brandebourg purchased the E1/2 NW of Section 36 in Township 3S, Range 1W, Meridian 2, 80 acres. The original purchase was on 10 October 1854. The second 80 acres purchased on the same day was W1/2 NW of Section 36 in Township 3S, 1W Range, Meridian 2. There was a total of 160 acres purchased.

In 1868 Louis Brandebourg (aka Lewis Brandenburg) purchased 40 acres. Then in 1873, Louis purchased the remaining 120 acres in two transaction - one for 80 acres and one for 40 acres. Today, this land is bound on the west by State Road 66 and Rainforth Rd on the south.

There is pasture and a creek near State Road 66. As you turn east onto Rainforth Rd, there is a steep hill. It has a cliff and possibly a cave. The current owner has turned this picturesque formation into a business venture.

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