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Ernest Brandebourg and Ernest Wastell

Last evening I was checking out several of the Brandebourg (and some Brandenburg) family trees on Frank Brandebourg posted the baptismal information about Ernest Andrew Brandebourg in his family tree :3293960.

"Ernest's baptismal record reads: "The night of day seven of November (1877), we baptized boy Ernest Marian Brandebourg, son of Le wis, and Catherine Claise, born November, day 7 (1877). Of their own accord, sponsored by Joseph Claise, and Maria Claise, and of his own accord, by Ernest Wastell." The ceremony was performed by Father Dion, of Holy Cross Catholic Church in St. Croix, Indiana. One could assume that Ernest was named for Erne st Wastell, who must have been a close friend of the family, and who may have been Ernest's Godfather at the ceremony. Records indicate that Ernest Wastell may have lived in Lexington KY during the 1850 federal census. Joseph Clai se and Maria Claise were Kate's younger brother and sister."

Let's clear up a couple of things about the entry above. It is believed that Ernest Wastell was the first cousin of Ernest Brandebourg and the nephew of Louis Brandebourg. Louis Brandebourg was the sister of Victorine Brandebourg Wastell.

Ernest Wastell was born on 10 January 1857 presumably in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky to John Bartlett Wastell and Victorine Catharine Zulime Brandebourg. John B. Wastell was found in the Louisville City Directory in 1857 as well as on the Louisville Tax List. Victorine is believed to be the sister to Louis Brandebourg (aka Lewis Brandenburg) who lived in Crawford County, Indiana. John, Victorine and Ernest Wastell were living in Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky in 1860 not 1850. From some family papers, it is believed that a daughter, Stella Wastell, died 5 days prior to the enumeration of the Wastell family in the 1860 census.

Holy Cross Catholic Church in St. Croix, Perry, Indiana Built in 1881.
This is the current Holy Cross Catholic Church not the one
where Ernest Brandebourg (aka Ernest Brandenburg) was baptized.

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