Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blacksmith/Spring Maker Found in New Haven Connecticut

Anton Ditt is found again in another town!!! Thanks to the U. S. City Directories on City directories, in particular, have been very helpful in tracking this man who moved frequently across the United States. He was listed in the New Haven, Connecticut Directory in 1849, 1853-54, 1854-55, and 1856-57 editions. This is the earliest documentation for Anton Ditt in the United States. In 1849, Anton would have been approximately 21-23 years old.

No other Ditts are listed in the New Haven directories.  It makes one wonder if he came alone to the United States from Baden, Germany or did he come with a relative from his maternal side. He sometimes is listed as "Anton" and sometimes as "Anthony" in the directories. Anton may have been living near his wife's relatives. He married Catharine Margaret Fischer on November 4, 1851 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. There are several Fishers listed in the New Haven directories. It is interesting to note that the Anglican spelling of "Fisher" is used and not the German spelling of "Fischer". Of those Fishers listed, Charles, John and Joseph are of particular interest. These three men all had professions that involved metalwork. Although Anton's had various professions, they ALL were skilled labor involved with metal.

Another social factor to keep in mind, is that most of Anton's associates were German born or of German descent. Anton lived German speaking neighborhoods and attended German speaking churches.

The New Haven Directories are another clue; but Anton's parentage, hometown and immigration date still have not been found. It is time to obtain the church records from Connecticut and to track down any Fischers/Fishers that may have traveled or moved with Anton and Catherina.

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