Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Biography of Max Fueger - Milwaukee

Lawrence and Margret Fueger were the parents of Max Fueger; he was born at Kuehleheim on the Tauber [Kuelsheim], Baden, Germany. He received a thorough common-school education. He had a wish, from boyhood, to become a brewer, and his father assisted him in his inclination. After leaving school he remained at home for nearly two year, working in his father’s shop as cooper.

He then went to learn the brewing trade, with Mr. Max Faeth, with whom he remained two years. He then traveled and worked in different breweries for four and a half years, in the various towns of Wertheim, Heidelberg, Miltenburg, Wuerzburg and Bischofsheim. This was in accordance with the German law requiring three years’ travel and journeywork before beginning any business as proprietor.

In July, 1847, Mr. Fueger came to New York, where he found work, and for a year and a half was employed in what was then the largest brewery in the country, on Washington street, in the old State’s Prison Building. In August, 1849, he came to Wisconsin and settled in Milwaukee, where he has since resided. He has been engaged in brewing all the time, and has worked in nearly all the large breeries in the city. He worked for Best and Co. for eleven years, eight years of which he was foreman. He has a thorough practical knowledge of his trade, careful and watchful of the process. He succeeded in producing a very superior beer, that has given to Best and Co. a more than national name and reputation. They feel and generously acknowledge this fact, and have often expressed their indebtedness to him.

Mr. Fueger left Best and Co. to purchase the interest of Benedict Caspari, in Obermann’s brewery, and entered into partnership with Jacob Obermann, with whom he is still associated. The business has increased steadily, and their progress has been great and constant. When Mr. Fueger entered the business, they were occupying a small frame building; they now have a large brick building, eighty feet long and forty feet wide, besides a large malt-house. Their business has become great and their capital has grown with the business.

Mr. Fueger was brought up a Catholic, but has since become more liberal in hi religious view.

He attributes his success to his thorough knowledge of his trade, to an ever watchful attention, and the cooperation of an excellent wife.

Source: The United State Biographical Dictionary p. 19


  1. Interesting. My third great grandfather owned a bar in Milwaukee around the same time. Wonder if their paths ever crossed?

  2. Hi,

    thank you for posting this story for Max (Matthaeus) Fueger. Unfortunately is there a mistake when you wrote Max was born 1832. When he emigrated in 1847 he was been at school in Kuelsheim for year, he had learned for cooper and was laterin some town to become a brewer. When he left Germany 1847 he would be 15 years!!

    NO: Matthaeus was born *26.January 1823 as first child of Lorenz and Anna Maria Schmitt,
    He died as far as I know in America +24. January 1904.

    I'm a researcher in Kuelsheim and I'm interested in all people originated from Kuelsheim.
    Can you tell me more of the sisters and the brother of Max?

    Thank you for a respons.

    Otto Spengler

  3. I think Max may have been my great-grandfather. Do you know the names of his children?

    Jennifer (Fueger) Williams